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How I Used Mindfulness

To Heal Trauma

Mindfulness encourages a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude towards yourself. Meaning, treating yourself with kindness, acknowledging that healing takes time and effort. Being patient as you navigate the challenges that arise during the healing process.

This did not come naturally to me.

Learn how I went from survival mode to healing every corner of my life with these 11 essential mindfulness hacks...

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Not To Spoil The End For You…

But you end up healing, letting go of your past and living the most iconic life of your dreams.

Keep Going Babe


Affirmations and Workbooks

As we established our shop, we poured our hearts and souls into curating a collection of affirmations, workbooks, and wellness tools that resonated with the essence of personal growth and healing. We meticulously created each product, ensuring that it carries the energy and intention to uplift, nurture, and guide individuals along their unique paths.

Our affirmations are carefully crafted with love and intention. While workbooks offer a structured framework for self-reflection and growth

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What They’re Saying

As a practicing therapist and survivor of trauma, I am no stranger to personal growth and healing. Ellese’s professional approach is down-to-earth, honest, compassionate, and genuine.


This was the missing link in my recovery. I have been going to Ellese for energy healing, mentoring, and clearings. My vision is nearly fully restored after having double vision for years. I am mentally in a much healthier place. Thank you so much! Truly an angel.


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